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Moving gcs objects from one location to another location is simple with google’s serverless products

  • We often need to perform data movement tasks within cloud storage. For example, we store data in a temp storage and then would like to move it to another folder that is dedicated to long-term storage and delete objects from the previous location.
  • This is a very common task that…

Improving Multi-line String literals readability.

  • A Text Block is a multi-line string literal that avoids the need for most escape sequences.
  • In another word, its makes multi-line string literals more readable.
  • Text Block is created with the goal of
    - Simplifying the task of writing a java program by making it easy to express strings…

Understanding Problem

  • We have been given a sorted input array of distinct integers and a target value.
  • Our task is to find the position of the target value in the input array if its found, if it is not found then we need to return the position where we can insert this…

  • We have given integer array nums which are in increasing order. We need to remove duplicates from the nums array so that nums only contains unique element and relative order of the element should be preserved.
  • We cannot use additional memory and need to perform all the operations on the…

Improving code readability with Java Switch Statement and Expression

Switch Statement

  • Often while writing logic in the programming language, we come across situations when we need to execute particular logic based on user input. …

If you prefer video format :

  • We have been given two sorted singly linked lists and our job is to merge these two lists such that the result list should also be sorted.
  • For example
l1 = [2,3,4,5] & l2=[1,6,7,8]
result = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8]
  • The solution for this problem looks…

How many options do we have to sort a Hashmap in Java 8?


  • As a developer, we often need some data structure to store than data and then perform some operations such as sort or filter on that data so that we can satisfy the business requirement.
  • In this article, we will explore how can we sort HashMap in Java
  • Our Map data…

How many options do we have to sort a list in Java 8?


  • As java developers, we always need to deal with some sort of data structure to store the objects and then performing some operation such as filtering or sorting on those objects.
  • The list is often a data structure that is used to store java objects and sorting is very common…

Youtube Video
If you prefer video format :

input_x = "LVIII"
output_x = 58
L = 50; V=5; III=3
  • There some facts about…

Understanding Problem

  • We have been given an input string of open and closed parentheses that made of (,[,{ , ),],}.
  • We need to determine if the input string is valid
  • Input string valid only if , open bracket is closed with same type of close bracket and they should be in correct…


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